The Alamo Heights Rotary Club completed its 2013-2014 scholarship program that provided five $2000.00 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and twenty $500.00 scholarships to recipients from alternative schools and similar programs. Additionally, $6000 in awards were provided the University of the Incarnate Word (all matched by the University). 


The $2000.00 scholarships were selected from 75 applicants from 32 area high schools.  The selections were made by committee review evaluating individual scholarship, leadership, community service, hardship, work experience and personal accomplishments.


The $500.00 awards were made to selected schools that provided programs to advance vocational training, completion of GED requirements and other individuals seeking to advance their education in local colleges and specialty schools.  These included the Adult Education Program NEISD; Single Parenting Program NEISD; the Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, St. Philips College; the Academy of Creative Education NEISD and the Healy-Murphy School. Additional awards included $500.00 each to the Adult Education Program NEISD and the Healy-Murphy School for the purpose of assisting students in the cost of GED examinations.


If you are a graduating senior from a high school within the greater San Antonio area, class of 2015, and desire to apply for one of the $2000.00 scholarships to be awarded this year, please download both the Letter Of Instructions and the Application Form from the two links below ( the 2014 edition of the letters are for information only; the 2015 letters will be added later in CY 2014).


AHRC Scholarship Letter of Instruction - 2014

AHRC Scholarship Application - 2014